Import Products via Existing Spreadsheet 

This article will cover the following:

  1. What the spreadsheet you upload for importing content into Salsify should contain.
  2. How to map columns to properties in Salsify
  3. How to review an import and correct any potential errors.

1. Preparing Your Spreadsheet

When you prepare your spreadsheet:

  • Format your spreadsheet to have exactly one row of headers as the top row.  
  • Include a column for each property or value you want to update, and every column should have a header.  Your headers do not need to exactly match the eBags properties you want to update.
  • The rows below the header should each contain information for one individual product.  You should not assign more than one row for a product.
  • Each time you do an import, include the UPC_EAN value for the product.  This is the unique identifier for products in your Salsify account, and it's how the system matches the information you are uploading to the correct product.  
  • For properties where eBags has a list of specific values you are allowed to provide, like Color, the value you provide must match the eBags options exactly to be accepted.  If they don't match, the value will be ignored.
  • If you have more than one value for a property, like Features, put each value in a separate column.
  • Save as either .xlsx or .csv format for import.

2. Uploading Your Data

  1. From the More menu, choose Imports
  2. Choose New Import
  1. Either drag and drop the file you want to upload into the dotted-line box or click the blue Pick from Computer button to navigate to the file and upload.  Your data will upload and you will be able to review it before it is imported to Salsify.

3. Map Your Columns

After you upload, a preview of your file will appear.  Salsify will try to automatically match each column with the corresponding eBags property.  Check and adjust these mappings before importing your file. Properties in the spreadsheet that aren't mapped or automatically matched with eBags properties will not be imported.

To map your columns:

  1. Click the first column header in the Salsify preview.  It will turn blue, as above, and open up a dropdown menu.
  2. Click the dropdown menu and either select from the list, or start typing the name of the eBags property that corresponds with your information.
  3. Select the property that matches.
  4. Click the right arrow to navigate to the next column.

Follow the steps above for each column in your spreadsheet.  If you have information in your spreadsheet you don't want to import to Salsify, choose Don't Import, and the information in that column will be skipped.  After you have mapped all your data, and when you have indicated which column contains the UPC_EAN , click Start Import to import your information to Salsify.

Next confirm that you're ready to import.  The number of properties you mapped to will be shown here. Click Ok, proceed with import to update, or go back to adjust your mappings.

Reviewing your Import

You will be redirected to the View Import Details screen, which will show you the summary of the import.

Sections highlighted in green indicate there are no errors, while those highlighted in orange indicate there might be one or more errors which you need to check.

Click the section name to see the errors.  For properties with errors, the valid data will be imported, but the errors will not.  You can either correct the errors and do another import, or visit the product pages and update the data by hand.

Reusing the Import

Now that your import is mapped, you can upload sheets with the same column headers and retain the mappings from this import. To upload in the same format, choose the import on the Viewing Imports page, and click the lightning bolt menu, then choose Start Import with New File. Upload your file, and it will automatically process it with the previous mappings.