Use the Bulk Uploads Template for Product ImportsĀ 

Download the template

Download the template

Using the Bulk Update Template

Choose the tab that corresponds with the category for the products you want to add to Salsify.  The bulk upload template has a tab for Source Properties, which is the properties common to all products, and additional tabs with category-specific data that needs to be filled in for products in those categories.  

To get a list of available tabs, right click in the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet.

Navigating the Category Specific sheet

  1. The description row explains the type of information to be filled in the column.
  2. The Required? row indicates whether or not product information is required by eBags to publish the product to them.  You do not have to include all the information in order to import the product's details, but you will need to complete the required details to send the product to eBags.
  3. The Type row indicates the type of field you're filling in:
  •  string: accepts any value containing letters and numbers
  •  enumerated: only accepts pre-defined eBags values.
  •  number: accepts only numbers, no letters
  1. The UPC_EAN field must be filled in with a new, unique value to create a new product in Salsify. 

Upload your new products

Upload your new products

When your spreadsheet is filled in with new products, go to the Actions menu and select Upload to Bulk Add or Update Products

To add your products to a list you can use in Salsify, choose Add to a New List and either give it a name or use the default name.  Choose Don't Manage via List if you don't want to create a new list.  Press Continue to upload your new products.

Drag and drop your file or choose Select File to navigate to your file and upload.

Reviewing Your Import

When your upload is finished you'll receive a notification showing how many products were added/updated and if there were any errors.

Go to the More menu and choose Imports

Find your import in the list, click the lightning menu and choose View Details

Click the Products link to open up the error section and review the errors for your upload.  Errors will be listed with the UPC_EAN that the error occurred on, and the properties that were an issue.

For products with errors on individual properties, the products still are uploaded, but the invalid values are not added and ignored.  

The example upload below had an invalid value for Category.  It is an enumerated value, which means there is a list of accepted values, and the value did not match the accepted values.  To correct, you can either go to the product pages and correct the properties individually, you can correct the values in your spreadsheet and re-upload, or you can analyze readiness for your products, and follow the steps to update the individual property values.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few of the most common errors, and how you can correct them:

  • Invalid reference to a property:  As in the example above, inserting a value for an enumerated field with expected dropdown values is the most common type of error.
  • Multiple products with the same ID: Be sure that your import has one row only per UPC_EAN . If there's more than one row, the system will process the first row and ignore the information in the subsequent row.
  • No value for UPC_EAN :  Each row must contain a unique UPC_EAN number to identify it to the system.  If it is missing, Salsify will not import the product.