Getting to Know Salsify - Viewing Products and Navigation Overview 

When you log into your Salsify account, you will be directed to the Salsify Home Screen where you'll see an overview of your eBags products.   This is where you'll return to begin updating and submitting product information.

Products Menu

Selecting the Products Menu lets you to navigate to the View all Products page, access Favorite Lists and the Manage Lists Page.  

  • The View All Products page is Salsify Homescreen, if you ever want to go back to this page you can either go to the Products Menu and select “View all Products” or, you can click on the Salsify Flower.

  • Favorite Lists are product lists that have been marked as Favorites on the Manage Lists Page.
  • The Manage Lists Page is where you can create, view and edit lists of products.
1. Products Menu

Digital Assets Menu

Select the Digital Assets dropdown menu and navigate to View All Digital Assets and the Manage Digital Asset Lists Page.  This is where you will manage the images you are publishing to eBags. 

  • The View all Digital Assets page where you can view images currently in Salsify and upload new images.
  • The Manage Lists Page is where you can create, view and edit lists of digital assets in Salsify.

2. Digital Assets Menu

More Menu

Imports, in the More Menu, is one of the ways you'll add new products to Salsify to publish to eBags.

To learn more about how to add new products to Salsify, click here.

3. More Menu

Search Bar

Quickly search for individual products and digital assets from the Search bar.  The first five products and assets that match your search will be shown in the dropdown menu.

User Menu

By selecting the User dropdown menu, you can view your Salsify Profile, and invite additional users to Salsify.  If you have other people in your organization to help you refresh your product content, you can invite them as users.

To learn more about how to invite additional users to Salsify, click here.

Help Menu

By selecting the Help Drop-Down menu, you can:

  • Visit the Knowledge Base
  • Contact Support with questions
  • Learn more about the Salsify Platform
  • View the app Status Page for Salsify's current operation status.  You can also subscribe to platform status alerts.
6. Help Menu

Viewing All Products page

The Viewing All Products page displays a list of all the products you have in Salsify.  

  1. Use search and filters to create a subset of products based on a combination of attributes. Click here to learn more.
  2. Selecting the blue Actions button allows you to download product information from Salsify as well as view the eBags Readiness Report by clicking Analyze Readiness
  3. Select New Product to add a product to Salsify.
  4. Selecting the UPC_EAN link for any product will bring you to that Product's page.  This page will have all of the property values for that specific product.  
  5. Click change the number of items shown on this page.
  6. Click next to navigate to the next page of results.

Create Custom View

You can customize which columns show up when viewing a list of products on the View Products screen.

  1. Click the Manage Columns dropdown menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Custom View.

On the custom view screen, everything in box on the right is what currently appears in your view, in order (top to bottom is left to right on your view). The box on the left contains all the available properties to add to your view.

  1. Select the properties you want to add to the screen from the list on the left-hand side, then drag and drop or shift-click a group and use the right-facing arrow to move them to your export, on the right side of the screen.  
  2. Alternatively, you can move the property by clicking the arrow button pointing to the right, or you can select a range of properties on the left, then use the arrow to move them all to the right at once.
  3. You can drag and drop the columns on the right up and down to re-arrange their order.
  4. Click Save to update your current product view.

Your selected columns will instantly become available on the View Products screen.