Search & Filtering on the Product Index PageĀ 

You can search for products in two ways: the search bar at the top of the page, and through the search bar on the product index page.  In this article, we'll discuss using product search and filter on the product index page.  

Using Product Search & Filter on the Product Index Page

The product search and filter bar allows you to do a simple search, or you can apply filters to narrow your results to a very granular set of products. 

With simple search, just type in a partial word, word or phrase in the UPC_EAN or Salsify Product Name and all products matching your search will be returned.

You can also apply filters to your product list, allowing you to narrow your results to a very specific set of products you want to view.

And simple product search can be combined with a filter set to return a subset of your simple result.  When you have the specific set of products you want, you can save your results to a smart or simple list to reuse, and use in other parts of the app.

Simple Product Search

Simple product search can be useful in cases where you're searching for a specific product that has details common with more products than the search bar at the top of the page will return.  By default, search works with Salsify Product Name and UPC_EAN . 

In this example, a search for "set" results in only the products with set in their name, but the full 11 results that match.  

To perform a simple product search:

  1. Type what you want to search for in the product search box.
  2. Press Enter or the magnifying glass at the end of the search bar.  
  3. The number of products that meet your criteria will be shown on the right side.
  4. You can use the results per page dropdown to expand or limit the number of results that appear on the page.
  5. To clear your search result, click the at the end of the search bar.

Filtered Product Search

Filtered product search lets you combine factors that products you're looking for have in common to narrow your result to a very specific product set that you can use once, or save to a smart or simple list and use throughout Salsify.  Filter products directly on the product index page with the same powerful filters you use to build lists.

To filter on the product index page:

  1. Click Add Filter next to the product search bar.
  2. Choose the criteria you want to narrow your results to.  As you make filtering choices, products matching your criteria will automatically be narrowed as they do with simple search.
  3. To change your filter:
    • To add additional filters, choose Add Filter and add another filter.
    • To remove a filter, click the x at the end of the filter line or the part of the filter you want to change.
    • To clear all filters and start over, click Clear All and your selections will be reset.

Save Filtered Product Search

When you have a set of filters you want to save, you can save it to a list.  To save your filtered results to a list, choose the Actions menu, then pick Add All Products to a List.  You can add them to a new smart list, a new simple list, or to an existing simple list. If you add products to a simple list, your filters will not be retained; the products you chose will be added to the list.  

Click here to learn more about lists.