Understanding Style Level AttributesĀ 

Style Level vs. SKU Level Attributes

Style Level attributes are those pieces of information that are common to all members of the same Style.  They are products grouped together that appear on the same page, and the values you submit to eBags for all members of the style must be identical.

SKU level attributes are specific to the individual product inside the Style, like UPC and color.  These can vary from product to product inside a Style Level.

Identifying Style Level Attributes

Product Details Page

On the product details page, each header section identifies whether the included attributes are sku level or Style Level.  As you’re editing individual products, be mindful as you update Style Level attributes that you’re consistent across all members of the same Styles.

If a product is part of a Style Level group, a link will appear under the product name in the box in the upper left corner of the screen.   Click the link to view the other products that are part of the same group.

Readiness Report

The readiness report validates that all members of the same Style to ensure they contain the same values.  If any members of the Style Level vary, the entire group does not pass the readiness report’s validation for the attribute that contains a variation. 

So for example, if you have a , that is offered in seven colors, each of the seven shares the same details for the attributes listed below, and those values must be consistent across all variations of the style to be submitted to eBags successfully.

eBags Style Level Attributes

There are both general Style Level attributes for eBags, which are those common to all products, and category-specific attributes.

General Style Level attributes for eBags include:

  • Brand
  • Category
  • Country of Origin
  • Features
  • New BaseSku
  • New Style
  • New Warranty
  • New Year
  • Short Description
  • Style
  • Warranty
  • Weight
  • Weight UOM

Category-specific style level attributes include:

  • Audio Type
  • Baby Accessory Type
  • Backpack Handbag Type
  • Battery Type
  • Belt Type
  • Boot Type
  • Bracelet Type
  • Brooch & Pin Type
  • Camera Accessory Type
  • Camera Case Type
  • Camera Type
  • Camping Accessory Type
  • Capacity
  • Capacity UOM
  • CD/DVD Sleeve Type
  • Charger Type
  • Clutch Type
  • Connectivity Type
  • Cross-Body Bag Type
  • Dress Type
  • Drop Length
  • Earring Type
  • Electronics Device Type
  • Exterior Dimension UOM
  • Eyewear Type
  • Fitness & Yoga Accessory Type
  • Fluid Capacity
  • Garment Bag Type
  • Gender
  • Glove Type
  • Golf Accessory Type
  • Golf Bags Type
  • Gun Accessory Type
  • Hair Accessory Type
  • Hat Type
  • Headphone Fit Type
  • Hobo Type
  • Hunting & Fishing Accessory Type
  • Interface Type
  • Interior Dimension UOM
  • Laptop Pocket Dimension UOM
  • Laptop Pocket Large Dimension
  • Laptop Pocket Medium Dimension
  • Laptop Pocket Small Dimension
  • Large Exterior Dimension
  • Large Interior Dimension
  • Locator Technology Type
  • Luggage Accessory Type
  • Luggage Set Type
  • Material
  • Material Description
  • Medium Exterior Dimension
  • Medium Interior Dimension
  • Memory Type
  • Men's Legwear & Sock Type
  • Men's Scarf Type
  • Necklace Type
  • Outerwear Type
  • Packing Aid Type
  • Pants Fit Type
  • Personal Travel Care Type
  • Ring Type
  • Satchel Type
  • Shirt Type
  • Shoe Type
  • Shorts Type
  • Shoulder Bag Type
  • Skirt Type
  • Small Exterior Dimension
  • Small Interior Dimension
  • Speaker Type
  • Sport Type
  • Strap and Drop Length UOM
  • Strap Length
  • Sweater Type
  • Toiletry Kit Type
  • Tools Accessory Type
  • Tote Type
  • Travel Electronic Type
  • Travel Wallet Type
  • Umbrella Type
  • Undergarment Type
  • Wallet Type
  • Watch Type
  • Women's Legwear & Sock Type
  • Women's Scarf Type