Working With Style Level Values 

As you’re adding and editing information, work with and submit all members of the same Style together.  When you analyze readiness, be sure all Style members are analyzed together to check for consistent information.

Editing Style Level Attributes

The easiest way to ensure your values are consistent among all members of a Style is to edit them together.  If you’re importing from your own data, or importing via the bulk update spreadsheet, work with all products of the same Styleat the same time, and sort your information by Style so that you can validate that the information is the same.  If you’re working with products individually, be as consistent as you can and work with Styles together, and use the readiness report to validate that your information is consistent.

Verifying Style Level Attributes for Consistency with the Readiness Report

When you analyze the readiness report, any Style Level attributes that have a variation will show invalid values for all members of the Style.  To identify and correct inconsistencies:

  • Download incomplete products by choosing the option from the Actions menu.
  • Review the attributes that are not 100% complete in the readiness report, and make corrections to make all values consistent.
  • If you cannot see the issues in the downloaded spreadsheet:
    1. Find the property in the readiness report and click on the name of the attribute.
    2. Uncheck Ready from the filter at the top of the page to narrow results to only those that need to be updated.
    3. Find the inconsistent results and update in your previously downloaded spreadsheet.
    4. Return to the readiness report by using the back arrow on your browser bar.
  • When all changes are ready, upload your bulk edit spreadsheet and check readiness again.Corrected Styles that meet all validations will be included in ready status.