Send Refreshed, Rich Product Content to eBags

Follow the steps in the navigation on the left to get up and running with Salsify quickly!  If you need any other help along the way, just click the Contact Us link at the top right and shoot us your questions - we're happy to help.

Getting Started Guide

If you've never used Salsify before, this is the perfect place to start.  Get up and running quickly by learning how to log in, navigate products and product details, what the menus mean, and how to invite new users.

Step 1: Add & Update Your Product Content

We'll walk you though how to add and update your product content and digital assets.  Prioritize a set of products, ensure consistency across styles, get them loaded, and you'll be ready to analyze them against the eBags requirements.

Step 2: Analyze Your Content & Fill Gaps

Check your product content against eBags requirements, easily find your gaps and make updates to get ready to publish to eBags.

Step 3: Publish to eBags!

Publish your content directly to eBags.  Get notified when products have been reviewed, and check the detailed feedback eBags sends back directly through the app.

Dedicated Experience

eBags supplier accounts are set up with the Salsify direct to eBags experience.  Here are some highlights:

Three Ways to Update Product Content
Import and map your own spreadsheet, import the eBags starter template, or add products directly to Salisfy using form edit.  See Step 1 in the left menu for full details.

Automatic Mapping
Just update your content and analyze for gaps - no mapping required.

Receive Detailed Feedback in Salsify 
Get detailed feedback in Salsify for any submitted content as it's reviewed by eBags, and get notified when content is processed.  See Step 3 in the left menu for full details on how.